New Beginnings - Leaping In

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Hello. Welcome to my blog, and my life! After almost 2 decades at the same company, in the same house, living in the same geographical area, I've decided to make some big changes! I've gone beyond leaning in, I'm leaping in with everything I've got! Passion and energy are two of my personal branding words, and I do everything I do with passion.

One passion of mine is leadership. I speak, consult, and write about leadership topics around the world, helping people to manage change in their life, prepare for the future, and create their personal brands.

In early spring of 2019 I decided to make a change and sell my house and relocate to Tampa. This was a big enough change, but then along the way I also fell in love! I did not expect that, and it's been an amazing journey. While my house was on the market, I learnt I was being laid off from my Fortune 500 corporate job. I definitely did not expect this, but perhaps I should have. The next day I accepted an offer on my house and began preparing to relocate.

Here's to new beginnings! Follow along as I blog about my journey, change management, leadership, risk management, gig work, cats and horses, and travel!

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